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Firmicus Maternus (4th century CE) Jan 11, 2023 Astrology & Astronomy Firmicus Maternus was a fourth-century Roman astrologer and astronomer who wrote a number of astrological treatises. His most famous work is the Claudius Ptolemy (c. 90–168 AD) Jan 4, 2023 Astrology & Astronomy was a Greco-Roman scientist, geographer, and astronomer. He is best known for his work on the geography of the Johannes de Sacro Bosco (ca 1195-ca 1256) Dec 18, 2022 Astronomy Johannes de Sacro Bosco was a scholar, mathematician and astronomer. He wrote the influential treatise Liber de spatio temporis (On the Measurement Gemma Frisius (1508-1555) Dec 18, 2022 Astronomy Gemma Frisius was a Renaissance scholar, physician, mathematician, cartographer and astronomer. He is best remembered for his groundbreaking work in