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Paulus Alexandrinus (4th century)

Paulus Alexandrinus (also known as Paul of Alexandria) was a 4th-century astrologer from Alexandria, Egypt. He is credited with the authorship of a few astrological treatises and is thought to have been the founder of the Alexandrian school of astrology. His works include the Paraphrase of Paulus, Compendium of Paulus, and Concerning the Stars. In the Paraphrase, he discussed the seven classical planets, their influence on human affairs, and the use of astrology in medicine. In the Compendium, he discussed the use of astrology in predicting the future, as well as providing advice on interpreting celestial signs. In Concerning the Stars, he discussed the motions of the stars and their influence on the natural world. Paulus Alexandrinus was a highly influential astrologer, and his works were used by later astrologers, such as the 10th-century Persian astrologer Ibn Ezra.

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